Value additions and unconventional services

Value additions and unconventional services

Value Additions

Freight forwarding is all about going that extra mile, being innovative and giving solutions for every situation. We provide value added services such as Cargo Insurance, Exhibition handling and project procurement.

We Provide

  • Cargo Insurance
  • Exhibition Handling
  • Project Procurement

Cargo insurance

Shippers often question the need to purchase additional cargo insurance as they assume that their goods are covered fully by the carriers or buyers insurance and hence they are protected - This is not always the case.

In the process of transporting goods, at times cargo could be delayed, lost in transit, stolen or damaged. It is always recommended to take specific cargo Insurance especially to reduce the exposure to financial loss. Carrier's liability is always limited and the liability conditions mostly wont cover the value of goods and the cost of claim. Often it is a time consuming process to prove fault. Moreover it has to be proven in the court of law to get settlement of claims.

If an exporter who has not been paid for the goods at the time of shipment, or an importer who has paid for all or part of the goods before receiving them, there runs the risk of suffering a financial loss if the goods are lost or damaged during transit. Buyers insurance may not always be sufficient and often does not cover all risks.

Through specific insurance coverage we can offer global comprehensive coverage including partial loss, damages, pilferage, customs duties and taxes. The claim settlement is easier and faster. Through our associate licensed brokers, we offer a wealth of experience, knowledge and competitive rates from the competent insurance markets.

Exhibition handling

Exhibition logistics is one of the most sensitive fields and it is the job of a specialist. Most of the exhibitions are meant only for a few days and after the event, goods have to be moved to another venue for another event. Most exhibition sites offer only a small window for delivery and pickup as the venue wont be either ready or it is released for another event. Mostly it's on time delivery and an immediate disbursal after the event. Even an hour delay can cause considerable damages to the client and therefore the coordination, planning and execution has to be precise.

We offer full scope on and off site services such as Import freight, Insurance, Temporary customs clearance, On time delivery to show site, Temporary storage, Re-packing and Re-export. We have the experience of handling exhibitions such as Motor shows, Yacht shows, Material and Hardware, Information Technology, Telecom, Industrial, Construction, Power and Energy.

Project Procurement

Procurement is part of supply chain services and our team comprises of people with extensive procurement experience in various business sectors including Global Energy, Aviation, Hotel, Building materials, Furnishing, Mining, Steel, Glass, and Agriculture. We work extensively with suppliers across the world that supports these industries. Our project team has the capability to source, negotiate, order, manage, and deliver.