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Quality Policy

Quality Policy
Global Alterius Logistics India Pvt Ltd was established in the 90's to offer efficient freight services globally in and out of India. Our philosophy is to do business to make a profit that is reasonable to us and affordable for our clients. And in pursuit of this we are committed to the following points:

  • Remain as close as possible to our customers to understand them better by listening to them, taking the right steps and aligning our products that suit their requirements.
  • Aware of the fact that customers are the heart of our business and they come to us by choice, we offer our undivided attention to all our customers without discrimination.
  • Stay recognized as a consistent quality operator and we believe this can be achieved through our employees, network partners and our management team.
  • Sustained growth and achieving business excellence are our commitment towards meeting the customer requirements with compliance on regulatory requirements at all times.
  • Doing business with integrity, transparency and high moral ethics is of top priority for us and we achieve these objectives through our KYC program and other mechanisms that we have successfully in place.
  • Our continuous efforts goes into investing in quality people and train them the GSL way, empowering them and encouraging them to take ownership and accountability.
  • We conduct periodical customer surveys to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services and we value their suggestions for any improvements.
  • Our winning mantra is, to understand, to design, to execute, to measure, and to improve.

Ajai Jospeh
Quality Policy