who we are

Code of Conduct & Commitments

Commitments Trust in GSL is of key importance as otherwise the customers would simply choose to place their business elsewhere. Transparency and commitment to compliance are important elements for us. In today's world one has to be careful in selecting a customer, vendor or partner. Our customers, vendors and suppliers are selected through a KYC/reference program to ensure they all fall in line with our quality and compliance standards.

We have a proactive approach in identifying and developing fresh talent by giving lectures and seminars to many business management institutions and also giving opportunities for students to work on site projects besides hiring young in-experienced and train them. In line with our Mission and Vision, we design and implement in-house customized training programs for our staff aimed at helping them to develop their personal and organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities. We are fully committed in developing, educating and training our people to achieve optimum professional growth in their career.

Our commitment lies not only to the trade alone but also to the communities in which we operate. We involve ourselves in many charity programs especially funding the poor and needy children and their studies.